Paprika & celery on rice

Paprika Selleriegemüse mit Reis


2 persons, 20 min

Ingredients Amounts How to
Rice As much as you want Boil the rice and let it swell for around 20 min. Please prepare the rice according to the instruction on your package as boiling and swelling times differ.


Sunflower oil or coconut oil


Soy sauce



1 ts

Little piece

3 shots (not to confuse with amount of shot glasses!)

Let the ginger roast a little bit in the hot oil. Add the soy sauce
Yellow paprika




Chop the veggies according to the size as shown on the picture. Then add all ingredients and a shot of water and cook for 10 min. As I like it salty I add some more salt in the sauce. However, this is up to you!


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