Dear food eatperience reader

Do you love cooking? Do you love veggies? Do you like to avoid animal products and products that contain flour? Then you are damn right to surf on this site!

I am in my end 20ties and my boyfried is self-employeed with a start-up in the food sector. As such my daily life turns around food – especially healthy food. Further, unfortunately I have food intolerances that keep me from eating processed flour products.

Recently we got to surf on the plant-based wave. And since we realized how much better and energetic life feels with a plant-based nutrion while actually also acting more sustainable with our planet, I am pretty sure that we will stick to this wave.

In my plant-based kitchen we live according to the 3 most basic ingredients that should be part of your daily nutrition: veggies & fruits, grains and pulses.

And before I forget to tell you: I am not a friend of reading long and comprehensive recipees and even less friend with writing those. As such I keep it short and simple 😀