Fried rice with savoy cabbage and mushrooms

Gebratener Reis in Schale

1 person, 15 min

You see that this month I am cooking a lot with savoy cabbage. I like it because it is seasonal food.

Ingredients Amounts How to
Rice from yesterday


It is necessary to take “old” rice for fried rice, in order to not get a rice soup but really fried rice!


Sunflower oil



Soy sauce



6 tsp

Little piece

1 toe, chopped

2 shots (not to confuse with amount of shot glasses!)


Let the ginger roast a little bit in the hot oil. Add the soy sauce.


White beans

Curry powder






1/3 can

Quite some

1 toe, chopped small



Chop the veggies according to the size as shown on the picture. Put them into the pan with hot oil and let them sizzle for around 5 min. Put a cover on the pan. Then add the rice and cook for another 4 min.  As I like it salty I add some more salt and or soy sauce in the sauce. However, this is up to you!


Cilantro or black sesame


According to preference


Garnish with some fresh cilantro or with black sesame (as on picture)


Gebratener Reis 1

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