Broccoli veggies with rice and broccoli-tomato-pesto

Reducing waste and using your vegetables to the maximum. The stems of the broccoli I used for making the pesto sauce.

Broccoli veggies with pesto

2 persons, 25 min

Phase Ingredients Amounts How to
Rice Rice As much as you want Boil the rice and let it swell for around 20 min. Please prepare the rice according to the instruction on your package as boiling and swelling times differ.


Broccoli veggies Broccoli

Chick pease



Olive oil


Salt & Pepper


½ can



1 shot

1 toe


Cut the veggies and put all ingredients into a pot and let them cook for around 7 min. Maybe add 2 shots of water to let the veggies cook better.
Pesto Tomato pasta 2 Tbsp Take 2-3 spoons out of the pot of the Broccoli veggies and put together with the tomato pasta into a blender. Add 1 shot of water and blend.


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