Spelt Risotto with sundried tomatoes

Spelt risotto 2

2 persons, 30 min

Ingredients Amounts How to

Sundried Tomatoes

Olive oil


Tomato pasta (concentrated)





As much as you are hungry

6 pieces

2 Tbsp

1 toe

2 Tbsp

To garnish

1 Tbsp


Cook the spelt according to the indication on the package.

Cut and chop the sundried tomatoes, the tomato and the 1/s garlic and let them sizzle a bit in the pan with hot olive oil (and maybe some oil of the sundried tomatoes). Once the spelt is cook, remove the water and add it into the pan. Add also the rest of the garlic and the raisins and the tomato pasta and spice up with some salt. Keep turning the spelt for another 3-4 minutes (constant mixing). Garnish with basil.



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