Tofu on buckwheat with caramelized veggies

Tofu with caramalizd roots

2 persons, 30 min

Phase Ingredients Amounts How to
Buckwheat Buckwheat


 As much as you want Put the buckwheat and peas into 1 pot, they need more or less the same preparing time. Prepare them according to the instructions on the buckwheat’s packaging.
Green veggies Broccoli

Brussels sprouts



Wash and cut the broccoli and the brussels sprouts and cook them in hot water for around 6-7 minutes. Then take them out of the water.
Tofu Ginger



Olive oil

Tofu (natural)



Soy sauce

Size of a thumb

1 toe

4 Tbsp




3-4 Tbsp

Chop the ginger and the garlic and put them into a pan with above-medium hot oil. Let them sizzle a bit. Then add some soy sauce and place the tofu (cut in 2 halves) in the pan together with the quartered carrots and beetroots. Close with the cover and let every thing sizzle for around 5 min. Then turn the tofu (maybe add again some soy sauce) and do the same with the other side. The beetroots and carrots will add the sweet taste to your dish. Enjoy!

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