About proteins and carbs

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What does our body do with proteins and carbs?

Page 202 – 203

All natural foods, as well as all animals and plants of our world and every single living cell, whether animal or vegetable, consist of

  • three major components: carbohydrates, proteins and fat
  • water
  • and small components such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

We get the building blocks for these 3 components from our Mother Earth, from the air and from the water.

All natural foods, all animals and plants, contain these components in different proportions.

Plants contain, for example, many complex carbohydrates (fiber), in fruits and roots often many complex built carbohydrates (such as fructose), depending on the plant a lot (legumes, nuts, some mushrooms) to little protein (the leaves of the green plants such as leaf salad), low in fats (with the exception of nuts, for example), but (in relation to animals) many vitamins and antioxidants and minerals.

Animals contain a lot of protein, a lot of fats, barely complex carbohydrates (fiber), but more simply carbohydrates (meat, milk), low water-soluble vitamins and hardly any antioxidants.

This simplified illustration already explains why, when it comes to food, we consequently think that when we eat animals, we eat proteins. When we eat vegetables, we eat carbohydrates. I read again and again in various health newspapers, that if you should take protein, please eat meat. Nobody talks about that protein even is contained in blade of grass, but in relation to meat proportionally much less of course. But how else does a cow that only eats grass manage to produce milk from this grass and from water, which contains protein and fat?

There are reports in the journals that more milk products should be eaten, because of the bones, because of the calcium and because of the intestinal flora. But that in plants as much calcium and even better usable calcium is present as in the dairy products, no one says anything about it.




I am reading a lot about nutrition and digestion. I will give some extracts of books, magazines and documents I read respectively watch. As such you will have the most important ideas at a glance. As such, these are not my personal studies, but just repetition of someone’s else studies.

This blog post was out of:

Book: Die Heilung der Mitte (Healing of your “middle”)

Author: Dr. med. Georg Weidinger

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