Le Botaniste

Le Botaniste Starters-close

Starters: Fish-friendly sushi and 3 tapenades

Where: Hoornstraat 13 · 9000 Gent

Food: Biological and plant based food. There is no special kitchen attached to it, so it might be that you get served from Japanese sushi (vegan of course!) to oriental food. The food tastes OK but it certainly is not an explosion in your mouth.

Atmosphere: Cool and hip atmosphere to go here with friends or colleagues. It also can be romantic, however unfortunately (as many vegan places) this restaurant already closes at 9 pm. Special: The place is in an old pharmacy and that is also the concept of the restaurant: “Let food be your medicine”.

Price: € for Gent

Website: http://www.lebotaniste.be/

Le Botaniste Menu

Gent at night

Nice evening stroll after the dinner

Gent at night 2

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