Salted almonds

Do you also think that salted almonds are super tasty? However buying them is rather expensive when thinking that it is just normal almonds with some salt added? No worries, you can make your own version in a very cheap and easy way.

Gesalzene Mandeln

10 min

Ingredients Amounts How to




250g package (unsalted/unsweetened)


Quite some

Preheat the oven on 120°C. Put some salt into the mortar and grind it until powder.


Put almonds into a sieve and quickly let water run over them, so that all almonds are wet. Put them into a big bowl, pour all salt powder over them and mix with your hands. Put them onto backing paper and let them bake for couple of min. Take them out once looking dry and before they are turning black. Et voilà, there are your cheaper version of salted almonds!


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