Lentil Daal


2 persons, 30 min

Ingredients Amounts How to
Red lentils As much as you want Wash and cook lentils according to the package.


Pizza tomatoes


Curry powder

Chili flakes

Vegetable bouillon cube

Coconut oil

Coconut rasps


Bigger piece

2 toes

2 cans

1 (big)

Quite some

As spicy as you want


1 Tbsp

2 Tbsp

Quite some

Cut the ginger and 1 garlic toe and the onion into little pieces. Let them sizzle a bit in the hot coconut oil. Then lower the heat and add the 2 tomato cans. Also add water (in the amount of an empty can) as well as the curry powder, the chili flakes, the coconut rasps and the bouillon cube. If you want you can also add sliced carrots. Once the lentils are done, take them out of the other pot, wash them with cold water and put them into your pot with the sauce. Let everything cook for another 5 min and add the remaining small cut garlic toe into the daal. Spice with salt if you want it more salty. When serving add the fresh cilantro.


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