Krautwickel (stuffed cabbage)

Stuffed cabbage with Panamese spicy sauce

2 persons, 40 min

Phase Ingredients Amounts How to
Rice Rice As much as you want Boil the rice and let it swell for around 20 min. Please prepare the rice according to the instruction on your package as boiling and swelling times differ.


Krautwickel (stuffed cabbage) Savoy cabbage As many leaves as much Krautwickel you would like to have Get off the leaves of the cabbage in 1 piece and cook them for around 5 minutes. Then take them out of the water
White or red beans


Chili flakes


Olive oil

½ can

½ Tsp

½ Tsp

1 toe, chopped

1 Tbsp

Add all these ingredients to your ready cooked rice and mix it. Then fill the rice into your cooked cabbage leaves and make them to a roll as shown in the picture.


Panamese sauce Vinegar

Spicy peppers

  I must admit that I cheated on that sauce as we bought it during our trip in Panama.

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