Chickpeas & savoy cabbage curry

Chickpease with savoy cabbage and bean curry

2 persons, 20 min

Ingredients Amounts How to
Millet As much as you want 1 cup of millet, 2 cups of water and let swell for around 20 min.


Sunflower oil or coconut oil


Soy sauce


1 Tsp

Little piece

2 shots (not to confuse with amount of shot glasses!)

Let the ginger roast a little bit in the hot oil. Add the soy sauce
Coconut milk

Curry powder


Agave syrup

Carrots or other veggies that you want to have in your curry


Savoy cabbage


1 can

Quite some

1 toe, chopped small

1 shot



3/4 can




Chop the veggies according to the size as shown on the picture. Then add all ingredients except the savoy cabbage and cook for 5 min (al dente). Then add the savoy cabbage and cook for another 6 min.  As I like it salty I add some more salt in the sauce. However, this is up to you!


Cilantro According to preference Garnish with some fresh cilantro


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