Pumpkin tomato veggies on black rice

Kürbistomate auf Schwarzem Reis direkt

4 persons, 45 min

Ingredients Amounts How to
Black rice Cook the rice in the amount you wish and according to the instructions on the packaging.


Hokkaido pumpkin 1 First wash the whole pumpkin and put it into a big pot filled with water. Let the pumpkin cook for around 15 min.

After the pumpkin is cooked take it out from the water. You can easily cut the pumpkin into 2 halves, scratch off with a spoon the skin and then take out the seeds with the spoon.



Pizza tomatoes




Garam Masala

Coco’s oil


1 can


1 pinch

2 pieces

2 pinches

1 Tbsp

Cut the peeled pumpkin into smaller pieces (2x2cm) and put it into a hot pot (medium fire) with the oil. Also add the cardamom. After around 3 minutes add the sliced tomatoes, the pizza tomatoes, 2 shots of water and the sliced carrots as well as all the other ingredients. Let everything cook for around 10-15 min. Spice with soy sauce.



Enjoy, but don’t bite on the cardamom! 😊

Kürbistomaten auf Schwarzer Reis

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