Mashed potatoes with cabbage and garlic mushrooms


2 persons, 40 min

It is sunday and therefore it can be something hearty! Tastes of a traditional Bavarian kitchen 🙂

Phase Ingredients Amounts How to
Mashed potatoes Potatoes

Soy cream


Salt & pepper

 6 big ones

2 shots

1 pinch

Quite some

Wash and peel potatoes. Cut into half and let them boil for minimum 15 min. Potatoes need to be super soft. Pour off the water, add some soy cream, nutmeg, salt and pepper and mash until it becomes mashed potatoes. Maybe add a shot of hot water in case the mashed potatoes are too dry.
Cab-bage Savoy cabbage

Red cabbage

Brussels sprouts

White beans


Concentrated tomato pulp

Soy cream

Salt & pepper


Olive Oil (extra virgine)




10 pieces

3 Tbsp

1 toe

2 Tbsp

3 shots

Quite some

1-2 pinches

1 Tbsp


Cut the Brussels sprout into half and let them cook for 6 min. Cut the cabbage into stripes and put them in a pot with the hot olive oil. Then add rest of the ingredients (also the Brussels sprouts without the cooking water) and put in 2 shots of water. Cover the pot and let it cook on middle fire four around 10 min.
Mush-rooms Mushrooms



Salt & Pepper

Olive oil (extra virgine)


1 toe

1 bunch

Quite some

4 Tbsp

Put all ingredients into a pot or a pan and cook shortly while steering on high fire. Then reduce the fire and let it cook for 5-7 further minutes.

Knoblauchchampignons, Krautgemüse und Stoemp

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