Quinoa-Tricolore with Mediterranean Cabbage

Quinoatricolore auf mediterranem Krautgemüse

2 persons, 25 min

Ingredients Amounts How to

Quinoa (3 different kinds)

  Prepare the amount of quinoa you like according to the instructions on the package.
White cabbage

Olive oil

Olives (green)


Chili flakes

Salt & Pepper


2 Tbsp

10-15 olives

2 Tbsp

1 pinch


Cut the cabbage into stripes. Halve green olives. Preheat a pan with olive oil and add the cabbage, olives, raisins and some chili, salt and pepper. Also add 1 shot of water or the water of the olives and let everything cook on middle heat for around 8 min. The cabbage should be still ad dente.

If you love garlic you can also put half a toe garlic into this dish together with all other ingredients.

Quinoatricolore auf mediterranem Krautgemüse_weiß

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