Fennel with savoy cabbage on mashed potatoes

Fennel on savoy cabbage

2 persons, 30 min

Ingredients Amounts How to


2 Preheat the oven on 180°C. Wash the fennel, eliminate the green ends and the hard button and cut into half. Put on the oven plate, pure little bit olive oil over it and put into the oven for around 15 min / until ends are starting to get black.


Mashed Potatoes



Soy cream


Salt & pepper


6 big ones

1 toe

2 shots

1 pinch

Quite some

Wash and peel potatoes. Cut into half and let them boil for minimum 15 min. Potatoes need to be super soft. Pour off the water, add some soy cream, squeezed garlic, nutmeg, salt and pepper and mash until it becomes mashed potatoes.


Savoy cabbage


Olive oil/sunflower oil

Soy cream


Salt & Pepper



Half of a thumb

1 Tbsp

1 shot

1 pinch

1 pinch

Wash and cut into stripes. Let it cook in hot water for around 6 min. Pour off the water. Roast shortly some peeled ginger in another pan in the oil add the cooked savoy cabbage. Add soy cream and spice with nutmeg, salt and pepper according to your taste. Instead of salt you can also use light soy sauce.

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