Potatoes & Broccoli on Paprika Sauce

Kartoffel Blumenkohl auf To-Paprika-Sauce

2 persons, 30 min

Ingredients Amounts How to
Potatoes 6 Wash and peel potatoes. Cut them into quarters and let them boil/cook for around 10-12 min. Pour off the water.
Broccoli 1 Wash the broccoli and cut of the roslets (so that they are same size as the potatoe wedges). Put them into boiling water and cook them al dente (5-6 min). Pour off the water.
Paprika Sauce

Red paprika

Yellow paprika

Tomato sauce (passata di pomodori)



Olive oil

Vegetable bouillon cube

Salt & Pepper




300 ml


1 toe

2 Tbsp


Cut all paprika into quarters. Use the broccoli stalks – peel it and cut into slices. Peel the onion and garlic and let them quickly sizzle in a pot with hot olive oil. Add all other ingredients and also add a little bit of water so that ingredients are just covered. Add the bouillon cube and let everything cook for around 15 min. Spice with salt and pepper and turn off the fire. Then mix with your hand blender.

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