Eggplant on polenta with red beet jus

Aubergine mit RoteBeete Sauce auf Polenta

2 Persons; 40 min

Ingredients Amount How to
Eggplant 1 Wash eggplant, divide it into 2, spill some olive oil over it and put it into the oven for around 30 min on 200°C

Vegetable bouillon cubes



Prepare polenta in the amount you wish for according to the instructions on the polenta packaging. Add  1 veggie bouillon cube
Red beets (pre-boiled)

soy cream or soy milk


strawberry jam


2 shots

2 tsp

4 tsp

For the red beet jus, put all ingredients in a mixer and mix it up. After mixing heat up the sauce in a little pot. Spicen with salt if needed.

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